Aegean Cat – Things To Know About Aegean Cat Breed

Aegean Cat – Things To Know About Aegean Cat Breed

The Aegean cat is a breed of domestic cat that originated in Greece. This is the only breed of cat native to Greece. These cats are classified as the most precious cat breed in the world. So how much do Aegean cats cost? Where can I buy it? What is the personality of the Aegean cat? Is it easy to take care of? Let’s learn about this cat with PetAddict right now. – The best place where you can find everything about your pet!

Where did the Aegean Cat come from?

These cats live in the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea of Greece. They name after this sea. The breed officially recognizes by cat breeders in 1990. However, these cats do not recognize by any organization or club. To date, this is the only breed of cat native to Greece.

Where did the Aegean Cat come from

Many records show that this breed has existed for many millennia. Archaeologists have found evidence that they existed 10,000 years ago on the island of Cyprus. This cat breed is considered a national treasure of Greece.

Characteristics of the Aegean Cat

Appearance Characteristics

  • Body: The body is long. It can be mistakenly assumed that the cat is fat, but his muscles are well developed. The Greek domestic cats have a flat belly and are pretty round.
  • Head: The head has a regular shape, close to triangular, the dimensions are medium.
  • Ears: Cats’ ears are triangular, usually standing upright and facing forward.
  • Eyes: Cat’s eyes are large, relatively round, the eye rim is black. Their color gamut ranges from yellow to green.
  • Legs and feet: Their legs are straight, the footpads are very elastic. The paws are large, rounded; toes developed with sharp claws. The paws of the Greek domestic cat have a good elbow angle that provides propulsion when they move suddenly. The cat’s gait is quite flexible and gentle.
  • Tail: These cats often curl their tails when lying down. Their tail is quite long, oblong, and pointed at the end. When they move or chase, their rudder-like tail helps them maintain good balance.
  • Coat: The cat’s coat is quite short and smooth. The whole body of the Greek domestic cat is covered with fur. These cats often shed a lot of hair.
  • Color: Their fur is black – white, fawn, gray, tricolor…
  • Cat size: Medium size.
  • Weight: Their size is medium or very small. A cat can weigh from 3 to 5 kg.
  • Height: 20cm.
  • Longevity: The Greek domestic cats have a relatively short lifespan. An average cat can live from 9 to 12 years. These cats are generally in relatively good health. They do not have serious health problems. However, they are prone to hair problems. This breed of cat often sheds very easily when the weather changes. They should be checked regularly to ensure the health of the cat.
Characteristics of the Aegean Cat

Reproductive Characteristics

Each year, an Aegean Cat will have 3-4 different litters. A mother cat can give birth to 3 to 6 kittens at a time. 

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Aegean Cat review score

  • Adaptability: 100%.
  • Energy Level: 60%.
  • Shedding Level: 60%.
  • Affection Level: 80%.
  • Grooming: 60%.
  • Social Needs: 80%.
  • Child Friendly: 80%.
  • Health Issues: 20%.
  • Stranger Friendly: 80%.
  • Dog Friendly: 80%.
  • Intelligence: 60%.
Aegean Cat review score

How to care for an Aegean Cat ?

When raising an Aegean cat – a breed of cat accustomed to the wildlife, you will spend less effort. Below Petaddict will share the necessary skills to help you raise a healthy Aegean cat. Please take note of how to care for Aegean cats and how to treat them.


How to raise Aegean cats with a special diet.
Although considered a family member, however, you cannot take care of Aegean cats by feeding them food like humans or other pets. They have a common ancestor with tigers, lions, and leopards, etc. So Aegean cats eat almost entirely fat and protein. They like raw meat and fish best.

The food you buy for Aegean cats must meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Ask your doctor what kind of food (wet or dry) is right for your Aegean cat. After you decide on the best food, let your cat decide.

If your Aegean cat enjoys the food and doesn’t exhibit any digestive problems (like diarrhea) after that, you’ve made a good choice. However, if your Aegean cat doesn’t like the food, you need to change it right away. If the Aegean cat cannot tolerate the food you have given it, it may go on a hunger strike. Then there is a high risk of liver failure and death. If you need to change the menu, make substitutions in small amounts for about a week. This makes it easier for your Aegean cat to accept and reduces the likelihood of discomfort.

Aegean cats like to eat many small servings throughout the day. Make sure you have a sufficient diet to avoid weight gain of the Aegean cat.

How to care for an Aegean Cat

Prevent Coat Shedding

The Aegean is also prone to shedding, especially during the spring and summer. Therefore, regular grooming is required to keep their coat in good condition. Just spread the coat about once a week with a brush, and their coat is already shiny. Grooming stimulates circulation, massages the skin, and removes loose hair to keep the cat cool and clean. It will also help reduce the amount of cat hair shedding around the house.

Get your Aegean cat a pet bed. It will concentrate hair loss in one area. And thus also limited influence to other areas.

Cat’s Hygiene

How to care for Aegean cats always pay attention to keeping the cat clean.

Cut the Nail

Remember that you have to use the right tools and don’t rush. Place the cat on your lap and place your hand gently around the cat’s upper body to hold it in place. Take one foot with the other hand and gently press on the foot to release the claw. Use your dominant hand to trim the nails. If not, ask your veterinarian to do this.

Brush Teeth

Use special toothpaste for cats and a soft-bristled brush. Let your cat get used to the toothpaste by putting a little bit on your finger. After a few days, as your cat gets used to it, start rubbing your fingers along their gums. As they get used to it, place the toothpaste on the toothbrush and rub it carefully along the cat’s gums. Gradually clean the whole cat’s mouth. It would help if you also took your cat to the vet for regular checkups. Your veterinarian will have your cat’s teeth examined and cleaned.

Ear Cleaning

Use liquid ear cleaners designed for cats and a cotton swab. Check your cat’s ears for signs of infection, such as discharge, redness, or a foul odor. For some veterinarians, cleaning at Aegean cats regularly will weaken the skin and possibly cause more infection. So talk to your vet before cleaning your cat’s ears.


Aegean cats do not suffer from inherited feline diseases, nor are they affected by any breed-specific problems.

However, it would help if you still took them for regular veterinary checkups. Your cat should visit the vet at least once a year.

Get your cat vaccinated against common diseases to protect their health. They will need a booster shot every year.

You should also deworm your cat, use a heartworm medication, and treat your cat for fleas.
Once you’ve decided to adopt a cat, consider them part of your family. Regardless of how you choose to care for your Aegean cat, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian. I hope your cat is always healthy.

What is the Price of Aegean Cat cost?

Average $300 – $500 USD
Aegean cat is the only breed of cat native to Greece. In most cases, this breed can range anywhere from $300 to as much as $500. The cost of an Aegean cat often depends on the breeder.

How much does an Aegean Cat cost?

Some Asked Questions

Are Aegean cats affectionate? The Aegean cat is one of the most friendly and sociable cat breeds around.

How can you tell if a cat is Aegean? Aegean cat characteristics.

How long do Aegean cats live? Their average lifespan is 9 to 12 years.

How big do Aegean cats get? Aegean cats tend to be medium in size. A fully grown Aegean cat might weigh between 7-10 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8″-10″ inches tall.

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Above is information about the Aegean Cat breed. Hopefully through the above article can help you have an overview and know before buying an Aegean Cat. Do not forget to visit the website to find more helpful information about other pets.

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