Top 25 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds In The World

Top 25 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds In The World

Cats are pets loved and chosen by many people today, thanks to their cuteness and intelligence. Cats have many types; the number can be up to hundreds of species. They come in different shapes, colors, and personalities. Today Pet Addict will introduce to you the Top 25 most beautiful Cat Breeds in the world. – The best place where you can find everything about your pet!

Persian cat

The fact that its early history is a secret, it is found that this charming cat has been around for many centuries. The most outstanding feature that makes them perfect is their long flowing coat and exciting face. You will surely fall in love as soon as you see them.
They have a unique and exciting appearance with medium body size, large head, and big eyes. In addition to being quite intelligent, this little friend is quite gentle and often interacts very well with his owner. Through their actions, you can also see their feelings expressed through those big round eyes. In addition, this species can make good friends with children of all ages, is very suitable for dogs, they are pretty gentle and cute.

Top 25 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds In The World 2021

Siamese cat

Over the decades, the Siamese has become one of the most popular cat breeds globally, despite its origins in Thailand. They are also considered sacred because they are used to protect Buddhist temples.
With their charming blue eyes and friendly demeanor, they often quickly get used to and form a close relationship with their owners. At the same time, they have a habit of playing with you regularly, and surely you will not be bored when playing with a Siamese cat and for many hours.
With this personality, they are a cat that does not like to be alone. So you should choose them if you often come home to play with them, don’t leave them alone because it will be pitiful to them. They can also get along with other dogs in the house.


Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are known for their charming personalities and cool looks, and they have once been considered an ancient breed and a symbol of Norway with their extreme heat tolerance thanks to their thick, smooth, beautiful coat.
The Norwegian Forest Cat, a natural predator, can reach enormous sizes; they are pretty gentle. They often run, jump, and move in the natural environment, and they usually live in cold areas. However, they still love to play with humans and be petted every day.


American Curl cat

American Curl is a rare breed of American cat; naming them on this list is because of their beautiful appearance that anyone would want to have them in the house. Curl cats are usually smoky gray with a medium size.
They are known to be amiable cats and will play with people and small children. With broad and round eyes and a hairy tail the length of its body, the American Curl is a stunningly beautiful cat in proportion to its eating ability.

Scottish Fold Cat

As its name implies, the Scottish Fold was born in 1961 in Scotland with an exciting set of folded ears. Their eyes are always a little sad; their faces and lazy looks exude acuteness, making them one of the most famous cats in the world.
You will often see them wandering around you with sad expressions; you will not be able to resist the urge to hug them, so be careful when choosing this wonderful breed. Some studies have shown that their floppy ears are a genetic disease caused by the FD gene in this breed, causing them to suffer from time to time, so love them even more if you own a cat Scotland Fold.


Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cats are aristocrats of the cat world with their excellent, elegant appearance. Their emerald green eyes make them even more unique than anyone who sees them must fall in love with them. They are always at the top of the most loved cats in the world. Although they usually appear with a bluish-gray coat, they can also have white and black tones.
Blue Russian cat, always smiling with a cute appearance with a bit of coldness. However, they are very attached cats; they will often play and care about you and your family like a minor family member.
With 15 to 20 years, this breed, free of genetic diseases, is one of the healthiest and well-loved cat breeds.


British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair is one of the most popular purebred cats in the UK. They usually have short fur and a slight body chubby like a teddy bear. The face always shows a unique love and fun that many people have responded that they feel love when looking at the faces of these British Shorthair cats.
This breed, which never stops learning new things, is quite intelligent to understand and learn quickly. They are also very owner-friendly. Like to be massaged, brushed like a noble cat. However, they are susceptible to food and nutrition. Therefore, you should feed them on time, and at the same time should not change their food too much.

Ragdoll cat

This is one of the fan-favorite breeds with its unique silky coat and puppy-like affectionate personality. They are usually quite gentle and a bit slow; their face is generally quite cold, but they are very caring and cute. However, they are easy to gain weight; you need to have a suitable diet to avoid becoming obese.
There have been recorded cases where they can reach a weight of up to 18 Kg.


Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon is an old breed of cat native to the United States that is one of the coolest cats on the planet. Behind the cold appearance and a bit like a lion, the Maine Coon cat also has a well-developed body and muscles. That is why they are big cats and take a long time to reach their maximum size. Their lifespan can be up to 9-15 years.

Although they appear to be a bit large compared to other cats, they are pretty gentle and cute, friendly with family members, intelligent, and always full of energy. They also love to go for a walk.


Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian cat, also known as the descendant of the sacred cats in ancient Egypt, has a fascinating and mysterious past. This breed, which is quite common in drawings in ancient Egyptian papyrus and tombs, is one of the rare breeds of cats today.

Abyssinian cats are stylish and athletic mid-sized cats with great personalities. Appearance is very eye-catching with a short coat, well-proportioned body structure, and a variety of colors. They also have a rugged appearance with large ears and tender eyes. Abyssinian cats are very friendly with both adults and children.

They have a lifespan of up to 12-16 years.


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 Sphynx cat

The Sphynx cat, which has attracted attention with its strange appearance, may scare many people when they see the sphynx cat measuring the peculiar look they give when hairless and have wrinkled skin squint. This breed, small in size and delicate, is also quite heavy compared to other cats.
In addition, they love to make friends and play with their owners. If you are not afraid of their appearance, you will undoubtedly enjoy the personality of the strangest cat on the planet.

Angora cat

Angora Cat attracts attention with its long fur, blue eyes; they are also considered the ancestors of cats in Turkey, bringing the purest beauty. Angora Cat, who does not hesitate to show loyalty to her owners with her intelligent, strong, and lovable personality, will never pause to consider herself a member of the house when she shows up often and plays with your family.

In addition, they are also very gentle and can play with small children safely.

Birman cat

According to a legend, the Birman cat is a sacred cat bestowed by a goddess. They often appear in temples and holy places with legs and bodies that are a bit wild but still very cute.

With a compact, light, and elegant body, the Birman cat is loved by many people.

Munchkin cat

Munchkins are attractive cats with cute short legs. Not only that, they always have delightful expressions on their faces. The body is always full of energy, giving the owner a feeling of joy every time he sees them.

They are brilliant cats and can learn quickly what you teach them; they are medium in size and very suitable for families with young children looking for a friend for their children.

American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair is a gentle, cute cat that is hard to resist looking at. They look a little sad and a little silly. However, this cat has an excellent ability to hunt mice. Very few mice can escape when the American Shorthair cat is behind them.

American Shorthair features a perfect family cat. They love to play or lie next to their family members. They will climb on your arms for your attention and play with them.

Siberian cat

Siberian Cats are attractive cats with strong looks, very agile and intelligent personalities. Although many people say that they have been around for a long time, according to records, they first appeared in 1870. Siberian cats have resistance to cold weather thanks to Their huge fur. In addition, they always have lovely expressions that anyone who sees them has to laugh at.

With their long, silky coat, they are one of the most beautiful cats available today, and sitting and stroking their fluffy fur is an enormous pleasure for anyone who owns this cute kitty.

Bengal cat

The Bengal is a giant cat breed with a cross between the Asian leopard cat, Burmese and Egyptian Maus, which has a strange appearance with leopard skin and is quite a large size compared to modern cats. However, their personalities are very gentle and cute. Bengal is an adorable pet for you.

However, with a strong body and the ability to move continuously. Bengal cats will often tire you out if you are not an active lover. Mainly they don’t like to live alone, so don’t leave them alone. Although domestic cats are, they still have great hunting instincts for small animals such as birds, mice, etc., when hungry. They are considered one of the most intelligent cats, with the ability to learn extremely quickly.

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Himalayan Cats

Appearing in the 1930s in the US, the species was later bred in the UK and Canada. The beautiful Himalayan cat attracts attention with its medium and large size and has a sweet appearance with a round and domed head. They are often found in chocolate, black, red, purple, blue, etc. In general, they have a lot of unique colors that ordinary cats have.

However, Himalayan cats are pretty lazy; they like to eat and sleep, sometimes take a few steps, and continue to lie there. This is a pretty cool cat with owners who share the same interests and are just as lazy. You will understand the feeling when taking care of “His Majesty.”

Chartreux cat

Just how the Chartreux originated is something of a mystery, with it being rumored that their ancestors were cats that lived in Syria and were brought to France. And now they are considered France’s oldest breed of cat; the breed is famous for its weather resistance.

Chartreux has a happy appearance with cheekbones and vast mouth structure that makes them always have a happy expression with a smile on their face.

Egyptian Mau Cat

Considered a descendant of cats known in ancient Egypt, the Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. Its resemblance to cats in tombstone and temple drawings is enough to make it legendary. This type has an exquisite appearance with a good physique, moves quickly, and is flexible.

One of the exciting things about Mau cats compared to other cats is that they love to play in the water.

Bombay Cat 

The Bombay cat, discovered in the 1950s by an American breeder, is a cross between a Sable and a Black American Shorthair. With light black skin, these cats have a rather tense inner face with the miniature appearance of a black panther. They are usually medium in size, with rounded heads and erect ears.

They are always playful cats. Bombay cats can live 15-20 years in healthy conditions and do not experience disease.

Savannah cat

Savannah has a great appearance with its leopard-like coat and aristocratic appearance. Their appearance is robust and “sporty.” Their arrival has similarities with cheetahs, and they are also unique when they can participate in water games because they are pretty fond of water. Therefore, they always attract the attention of most people who love the dynamic.

They are a species of cat that is rarely kept as pets, but they are knowledgeable and easy to train.

Manx cat

Manx cats are an exciting breed and are often called old cats because of their “older than old” face. This is a typical cat breed for the Isle of Man with a short tail or no tail, possessing a long, smooth and lovely coat.

Although they are pretty friendly cats to their owners, they do occasionally show off their wild personalities. They are intelligent and easy to train; you can take your time and teach them to be good cats.


The American Bobtail

The American Bobtail has a rather ferocious appearance, a relatively round and plump body. A vital identification point of this cat is a short tail. They are brilliant, cheerful, and highly affectionate. They are generally in good health.

The American bobtail cat’s nature is also charming and naughty, and they are playful and energetic. This pet cat is perfect for people who love intelligence, excitement, and friendliness.

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Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex cat is a breed of cat with reasonably easy to identify features. The adult Devon Rex is medium in size. They possess a strangely twisted coat and extremely lovable personalities. Devon Rex cats often resemble pixies, mischievous troublemakers. They are knowledgeable and active and can jump to great heights.

The active Devon Rex is a perfect choice for families with kids and cat-friendly dogs. They love the attention they receive from children who treat them with courtesy and respect.

Devon Rex-Cat


Have you owned a beautiful, lovely cat yet? Hopefully, the article “Top 25 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds In The World” will provide useful references to choose the right cat for your home.

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