Raise French Bulldog puppies to grow up fast and healthy.

Raise French Bulldog puppies to grow up fast and healthy.

Raising French Bulldog puppies is very easy. French Bulldog (French Bulldog) is a dog breed that is popular with dog lovers. Famous for being a lovely, friendly, and gentle bulldog, they are increasingly winning the hearts of customers. So is this breed easy to raise, and how to make sure the babies grow up quickly and healthy? To clarify this, let’s find out all the experience of raising French Bulldog puppies for beginners through the article below.

Suitable living environment for puppies

When starting to pick up puppies, creating a living environment is essential. By leaving the mother dog’s arms, moving to a new place, living conditions will partly affect the development of the puppies. An ideal living environment can prolong the life of your pet. As a small breed, the French Bull does not need ample space, and it is even simpler with puppies.

Suitable living environment for French Bulldog

Whether you live in a house with a garden, a suburb, or an apartment in the city, it is suitable for raising French Bulls. However, because of their dynamic nature, the spacious and comfortable space for children to play is an ideal living condition than ever.

Those who keep French Bulldogs in a cage make sure the cage is large enough for the children to stand, lie down, and sit. The large powder-coated iron cage is a suggestion for owners, this type of cage is breathable and easy to clean. And wherever, the prerequisite is that the accommodation of the French Bulldog must be clean, well-ventilated, cool in the summer, and airtight in the winter, limiting the spread of disease and ensuring the health of the puppies…

What do French Bulldogs puppies eat?

At this time, you need to pay attention to the nutrition of the French Bulldog puppy because poor care at a young age will affect the development process later. And this is also the time when weaning puppies begin to switch to weaning, so they have to pay more attention to each meal and sleep of the baby. Most young French Bulldogs have not had all their teeth yet, and their jaw muscles are still weak, so let them eat small and soft foods, maybe pureed meat porridge from beef, chicken, … or take bone broth. Porridge. Note that the combination of vegetables and fruits comes with it to supplement nutrients and support digestion fully. For dry food, specifically nuts, it is necessary to soak for 10-15 minutes before feeding the French Bull, which is easy to digest and does not hurt the teeth.

Whether in houses with a spacious garden or a small apartment, the living environment for the French Bull must be clean and well-ventilated.

Puppies have a small bodies, so the amount of food tolerated will be much less than that of an adult dog. According to veterinarian recommendations, it is necessary to divide meals for puppies about four meals a day, corresponding to 600-700 grams. Do not let the meals be too full because it is easy to lead to vomiting, and each meal is about 4-5 hours apart. The farming experience is that it is okay to see that the children are still hungry after feeding the French Bulldog.

Here is a primary menu that you can follow:

  • Breakfast: Dry food soaked in water or milk is better.
  • Lunch: Porridge or pureed rice with pureed meat and vegetables mixed. Should add more fruits such as bananas, watermelons, etc.
  • Afternoon: A cup of warm milk, about 600 ml.
  • Dinner: Soft pickled dry food.

Things to note when the French Bulldog puppy eats:

  • Make sure the tray is cleaned before and after eating.
  • Do not leave leftovers in the bowl in case the children eat something dirty or stinky.
  • Food must be cooked, absolutely do not give the baby raw fishy food.
  • Provide enough water for the children. They should change the water three times a day.
  • Do not feed the French Bulldog with bones in case of choking or puncture of the intestines.
  • Foods to avoid: Onions, garlic, chocolate.

Hygiene of French bulldog puppies

Unlike long-haired breeds that take a long time to clean, the French Bull with short hair growing close to the body does not require too much fuss. For puppies whose condition is not good, owners should bathe them 1-2 times/month for hygiene. Winter can reduce the intensity to less. When cleaning, use specialized shower gels for pets; do not use human shower gel for French Bull because the regulations between humans and dogs are different. Some use cases have led to hair loss, dermatitis. In the process of bathing, remember to gently massage, pay attention to thoroughly clean in between toenails, hands, and armpits where bacteria quickly accumulate. Then rinse with water. In winter, you should bathe with warm water for baby French Bull.

When finished with the bath, use a dry towel to wipe the baby until the water is dry. There is no need to dry for adult dogs, but it is best to use a hairdryer to dry the baby’s hair because the resistance is less careful about puppies.

Movement mode for French Bulldog puppies

The French Bulldog is super lazy to exercise. Building a mode of exercise is what owners should do

Hungry is like that, but this French Bull is extremely lazy. After eating, they will lie in one place, stop eating, and sleep, so obesity is very high in this breed. Therefore, the owner’s job is not to indulge and force the children to exercise. Every day does not need much. Take the French Bull for a walk, jog for about 15-20 minutes while releasing energy and making the spirit happy. In addition, combining simple exercises such as picking up balls, jumping high, etc., is very good for muscle development and also helps to strengthen bones. Weekends have a lot of time to spend as much time as possible exercising with the children because this breed is super lazy and always likes to eat, lie down and sleep. Therefore, children must be trained in the framework from an early age.

French Bulldog puppies Health care

The average life span is 8-10 years. In general, the French Bulldog is a relatively easy dog ​​breed. However, they also face health problems that owners need to pay special attention to. In addition to the common obesity, the French Bulldog also often suffers from respiratory diseases, a characteristic of short-nosed dogs. Because of that, many airlines ban the transportation of short-nosed dogs like the French Bull. They breathe heavily and often make a wheezing sound when living. Dusty places need to let the French Bulls have as little contact as possible. In addition, they also do not like water due to difficulty breathing and easy choking. If you want to let your children swim, avoid deep water and stay with them from start to finish.

The health care of the French Bull, it is impossible not to mention the sensitivity to the weather. Due to the thin skin and short hair, the babies are very resistant to heat and cold. The health care of the French Bull, it is impossible not to mention the sensitivity to the weather. Due to the thin skin and short hair, the babies are very resistant to heat and cold. it is necessary to wear more clothes to keep the body warm In winter. children should be limited to play in hot weather, especially at noon in summer. Besides, owners need to change the temperature slowly before and after leaving the air-conditioned room to avoid cold or heat stroke in puppies.

The best way to prevent disease is to vaccinate the children according to the vaccination schedule fully. Take the French baby Bull to the doctor, veterinarians for periodic health check-ups to avoid illnesses not detected in time. When you see a French Bulldog puppy showing signs of vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools, not eating,… it should be taken to a veterinary facility immediately.

Training puppies

The French Bulldog is a rather stubborn dog breed and is not easy to train for inexperienced people. But that doesn’t mean that beginners can’t teach them. Dogs see that the French Bulldog puppy is about 2-3 months old, which is considered the most suitable for teaching and training. Let’s start with simple training exercises such as: letting the dog go to the toilet in the right place, not barking indiscriminately, barking miscellaneously. The caller recognizes and runs back, shakes hands, …

Training French Bulldog puppies

And whatever you do, there must be a reward. There is a punishment for anything. Each time the child does well, please encourage him by clapping or rewarding him with food or toys, etc. On the contrary, doing wrong should be a deterrent not to repeat the offense the next time. For French Bulldogs, owners need to be patient in training, do not rush or hit the children. Because French Bulldogs are like children who need teaching slowly, they will become afraid and timid if they take strong measures.

Thank you for reading the article, and wish you have a good time with your lovely pets! Above is the entire experience of basic knowledge on how to breed French Bulldog puppies for beginners. I hope the information is helpful to you. If you apply it to your dog and share the results with PetAddict.

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